Welcom to the kennel WOLFOX homepage!

History Of the Kennel: 
In 1986, I saw my first Belgian Shepherd in a book. I really liked how this breed looked, it was pretty and gorgeous. What I liked the most was that this breed had Ginger coat and Black mask. Back then I knew nothing about their character and didn't imagine how much unique,brave and loyal they were to their owner. Back then there were no Belgian Shepherds in Estonia and bringing one here was impossible. In 1994, the first Tervueren was brough from Finland to Estonia and In 1997 the first litter was born. But back then I owned Rottweillers. And only after few years, in 2002 I got my first Tervueren, Conchita, Who reminded of a small Fox Cub. She was hyperactive and very fun dog, she was the bravest dog i've ever met in my life, she was fearless and very expressive. Also she was my first Champion Dog, who got many prizes in many countries.

In 2004, I saw on Finnish Kennel's Kuunsirpin, gray belgian shepherds and brough a gray puppy , Kuunsirpin Lonely Wolf. Before him, there were no gray Belgian Shepherds in Estonia.

 In 2005 Conchita got her first letter. In the end of the 2006, a little bit before she gave birth to her second litter, I registered my own Kennel Wolfox. This name was chosen, because they remind of wolves and foxes at same time.

In 2007, The first litter under name Wolfox was born. In 2008  I got a puppy girl from Conchita's first litter's daughter Brenda and I nicknamed her Firefox because of her red fire coat.

And in 2012 was born the second Wolfox litter from Firefox and Kuunsirpin Lonely Wolf, me and my daughter Karin kept one female puppy, Wolfox Fullmoon Beauty, Conchita's Grand Grandchildren. 

During those 13 years, I have never regretted taking this breed.

Regina Koemets